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Newsprint – 1925

1925 February 18 Orkney Herald

ROUSAY. – The Rousay Agricultural Society held their annual ploughing match on Tuesday last week on fields kindly granted for the occasion by Mr John Inkster, Woo, and Mr Malcolm Corsie, Faro, Sourin. The weather was by no means good. In the morning, when the competitors were gathering from the various districts, it began to rain heavily, and continued wet and bitterly cold throughout the day. Notwithstanding the inclement weather, 17 ploughs, including 1 champion, turned up for competition. Throughout the day a fairly Iarge number of spectators gathered round the field and discussed the work, indicating the keen interest taken in the competition. The ploughmen were liberally supplied with refreshments on the field, and when their day’s work was finished they partook of a hearty dinner prepared by Mrs [Jane] Inkster, Woo.

The judges were Mr James Anderson, Corse, St Ola, and Mr Leslie, Grimsquoy, St Ola, who had a difficult task to perform owing to the evenness of the greater portion of the work. Their awards are as follows: –

PLOUGHING. – ORDINARY – 1 and Highland Society’s medal, Sam Inkster, Wasdale; 2 Malcolm Hourie, Saviskaill; 3 Tom Marwick, Glebe; 4 Alex Donaldson, Quoys; 5 Robert Johnston, Trumland Farm; 6 Robert Sinclair, Sketquoy; 7 John Leonard, Faraclett; 8 Robert Seatter, Banks; 9 James Munro, Swandale; 10 Albert Munro, Broland. Youngest ploughman, James Grieve, Falldown; feering, Alex Donaldson; finish, Robert Johnston; feering in furrow, Alex Donaldson; best feering on field, James Craigie, Falquoy; best finish on field, James Craigie; straightest ploughing, James Craigie; cup for best ploughed rig on field, to be won three times, James Craigie, Falquoy. Won the third time by this competitor it now becomes his own property.

HARNESS. – 1 and medal, James Mainland, Westness; 2 Charles Flett, Nearhouse; 3 Robert Johnston, 4 Albert Munro, 5 Malcolm Hourie.

GROOMING. 1 Robert Johnston, 2 Charles Flett, 3 James Mainland, 4 Robert Seatter, 5 Malcolm Hourie.

After the prizes had been distributed the committee and a few friends sat down to a sumptuous tea.

The committee take this opportunity of thanking Messrs Inkster and Corsie for the use of the fields, the judges for coming so far from home in such weather, the donors of the special prizes and the medal for harness, and all who contributed to the funds of the society; also Mr George Gibson, Avelshay, who visited the field, enabling the society to get the Highland and Agricultural Society’s medal.

1925 March 4 Orkney Herald

ROUSAY – AN ORKNEY APPEAL. – The following letter appeared in Friday’s Aberdeen ‘Press and Journal,’ –

Sir, – We are aware that many Orcadians and others interested in our picturesque isles are readers of your valuable paper, and it is to them especially that we address this appeal.

The Island of Rousay has long felt the need of a hall, and, having procured a very suitable site, the local branch of the British Legion, at a recent meeting, decided that a hall should be built whenever the necessary funds were obtained. A strong effort is being made locally, but this will not be sufficient for our needs, so we appeal to our friends to help us. Subscriptions will be very gratefully received and acknowledged by the secretary, John Craigie, Cruar, Rousay, Orkney. – Yours, etc.,

(Rev.) Roderick Fraser, President.
John Craigie, Secretary.

1925 May 27 Orkney Herald

ROUSAY – CHILDREN’S SERVICE OF PRAISE. – Frotoft Sunday-school held a service of praise in the school on Sunday evening, May 17th. The children were efficiently trained by Mr D. Mackay, and carried through the programme of sacred music with credit. Miss [Lydia Mary, known as Edda] Mainland, Cott, Frotoft, presided at the piano, and Rev. D. S. Brown was chairman. Prizes were given for attendance in the junior class to John Marwick, Ann Marwick, Annie Reid, and Minnie Reid; and in the infant class to James Marwick, Hugh Marwick, Lily Sinclair, and Sarah Smith. A special prize for singing was awarded to Mary Yorston. In connection with the League of Young Worshippers the first prize was awarded to Alfred Gibson for forty-six attendances at church out of a possible fifty, the second prize to Annie M. Craigie for forty-three attendances, and the third prize to Ethel Gibson for forty-one attendances. There was a good turnout of the people from all the districts of the island, as the weather was favourable, and also a good collection, which was in aid of the Frotoft Sunday-school prize fund. This Sunday-school continues to do excellent work with Mr James Low as superintendent, who also addressed the meeting, the other teachers being Mr D. Mackay and Miss Mainland, Cott, Frotoft.

1925 June 3 Orkney Herald

MISHAP TO KIRKWALL STEAMER. – Whilst the local steamer Countess of Bantry was discharging cargo into a small boat off the island of Viera on Monday evening she had the misfortune to bend one of her piston rods. Fortunately, the engine was running dead slow at the time, otherwise the consequences might have been more serious. The vessel anchored, and word was sent to Kirkwall, upon receipt of which the steamer Orcadia proceeded to the assistance of the Countess, which was towed to Kirkwall at a late hour. Repairs are now being carried out, and it is expected that the vessel will be on her usual run on Friday.

1925 June 10 Orkney Herald


FOR SALE, by Private Bargain: –

1. Farm of SCOCKNESS, as tenanted by Hugh Craigie, but excepting the Holm of Scockness. Entry and actual occupation at Martinmas 1925.
2. Farm of BANKS of Sourin, as tenanted by Robert Seatter. Extent about 109 acres.
3. The MEAL MILL of Sourin.
4. The Holding of QUOYS of Sourin. Extent about 9 acres.
5. The Houses and Lands of EASTAQUOY and OLDMAN.

For further particulars, apply to the Subscribers, who will receive offers
up to 23rd June 1925. – T. P. & J. L. LOW, Solicitors.


ANOTHER GERMAN DOCK FOR SCAPA FLOW. – We understand that Messrs Cox & Danks, Ltd.. who are raising the scuttled German Fleet in Scapa Flow, have purchased another German floating dock. The dock, which is the largest in the world, is reputed to have a lifting capacity of 40,000 tons, but, owing to its size, only one part will be used by the firm. It is not expected that an attempt will be made to raise the Hindenburg this year.

1925 June 17 Orkney Herald

THE WEATHER AND THE CROPS. – During the past week the weather has been of a changeable nature. As on several days during the previous week, Wednesday and Thursday were sunny and warm, with little or no wind, but there was a change on Friday, which was cold, with a strong breeze from the north-west. On Saturday the wind increased, raising clouds of dust, which blew off the roads all day, making all forms of travelling very disagreeable and outdoor and farm work very uncomfortable. There was some rain or mist in the afternoon, which, however, was so slight that it failed to lay the dust; in fact, in some respects it made matters worse, as the dust then adhered to one’s clothing. There was an improvement on Sunday, there being no rain or fog, while the wind was much less. Rain fell on Monday, but not in any large quantity, and yesterday (Tuesday) was again somewhat cold and disagreeable, with a high westerly wind and occasional showers. Farmers are now getting well ahead with laying down their turnips, but are complaining that the drought of the previous fortnight has had an injurious effect on the growing crops. On many fields the braird has had a check, while on sandy soils the young turnips have in many cases been “burned” out, and a second sowing has had to he resorted to, particularly in the North Isles. With the moisture of the past two days, however, it is expected that both oats and turnips will now revive.

1925 June 24 Orkney Herald

SCAPA FLOW SALVAGE. – Messrs Cox & Danks raised their thirteenth destroyer on Friday. There are still thirteen more ships to bring to the surface, which the firm expect to complete this year, aided by part of the 40,000 ton floating dock now getting ready to proceed to Scapa Flow.

1925 July 8 Orkney Herald

SAVED BY A WOMAN. – What might have been a rather serious accident was on Wednesday last, averted by the plucky action of a woman. A number of cattle and sheep were grazing in a park in the vicinity of Kirkwall, and an elderly man, who was out for a walk, quite innocently strolled into the field unobservant of any apparent danger. One of the animals on seeing him enter made a ferocious attack, and before he was able to retrace his footsteps, charged and knocked him against a dyke and latterly to the ground. Fortunately a woman happened to be passing with a pony and trap, and seeing the danger in which the old man was placed she, with great promptitude and presence of mind called up the pony, fearlessly rushing to the man’s assistance and, with marked heroism, fought the animal with a whip which she carried, and brought the victim to safety. Some individuals, who witnessed the affair from a distance, are loud in their praises of the unique gallantry displayed by the woman. On enquiring very kindly as to the old man’s condition she learned that he had sustained little or no injury, and afterwards very good humouredly drove him to his usual quarters.

[Readers of these pages may have become aware by now of the lack of Rousay-related stories within the local press. Extensive ‘news’ coverage from every other Orkney island and mainland parish are printed weekly, though, for some reason, there is very little – if anything, these days – coming from the ‘Rousay correspondent’. So, I will continue to scan the pages of newsprint, made available by the National Newspaper Archive, and continue to extract items of general Orcadian interest, even if they do not directly involve Rousay!]

1925 July 29 Orkney Herald

PATERSON U.F. CHURCH. – Both services in Paterson U.F. Church, Kirkwall, on Sunday were conducted by the Rev. John Inkster, of Knox Church, Toronto, a native of Rousay. There were large congregations at both diets of worship, especially in the evening, and Mr Inkster’s eloquent and impressive discourses were listened to with rapt attention.

[John Gibson Inkster was the son of William Inkster (1831-1905), Cogar, and Mary Gibson (1836-1927), Langskaill. He was born in February 1867, and emigrated to Canada, where he met and married Alice Rowsome, raising a family of four daughters.]

1925 August 12 Orkney Herald

CALL TO ROUSAY MINISTER. – Rev. Roderick Fraser, minister of Rousay and Egilshay parish, has by a large majority been elected minister of Lintrathen, in the Presbytery of Meigle, Synod of Angus and Mearns. Mr Fraser has been in Rousay for about two years, and during that time he has made himself a most popular minister, and has been instrumental in getting a heating arrangement in the church. He has also been an active member of the Rousay branch of the British Legion. of which he is president, and through his efforts the branch has become financially strong and flourishing. Mr Fraser’s departure will be a distinct loss to Rousay, as the various church organisations have during his incumbency shown advancement both numerically and financially.

FLOWER AND DAIRY SHOWS – ROUSAY. – With excellent growing weather during the summer, the display of flowers and vegetables at the annual show of Rousay Horticultural and Industrial Society on Tuesday last was one of the best that has been seen in the district for several years. The industrial section would have done credit to any community, and the exhibitors are to be congratulated on the large number of entries and also the neatness which characterised their work. Dairy produce was also a strong section, and for best butter Mrs [Betsy] Kirkness, Quoyostray, won the Trumland Cup for the second year in succession.

The judges were: – Dairy Produce – Miss Leslie, N.N.D., North of Scotland College of Agriculture, Kirkwall. Vegetables and Flowers, etc. – Mr John Cutt, Daisy Cottage, Trumland. Baking – Miss Sinclair, Kirkwall. Industrial Work – Mrs D. M. Wright, Hopemount, Kirkwall. Miss Baikie and Messrs James W. Grieve, Robert Marwick. jr., Samuel Inkster, and William Grieve acted as attendants. The committee of ladies in charge of the tea arrangements were: – Miss Reid, Wasdale; Miss Inkster, Cogar; Mrs Reid, Hurtiso; Miss B. Craigie, Triblo; Miss Mary A. Craigie, Blossom, assisted by Mrs Taylor, Trumland Lodge, and Miss L. Craigie, Blossom.

The following is the prize-list: –

DAIRY PRODUCE. – Fresh Butter – 1 and very highly commended Mrs Kirkness, Quoyostray; 2 and 3 Edith Gibson, Avelshay. Salt Butter – 1 and 2 Mrs Kirkness, 3 Edith Gibson, vhc M. A. Inkster, Cogar. Table Butter – 1 and 2 Mrs Harrold, Springfield; 3 and vhc M. A. Munro, Post Office. Sweet Milk Cheese – 1, 2, 3, and vhc Mrs Craigie, Furse. Skim Milk Cheese – 1 Mrs Grieve, Upper Knarston; 2 Mrs Kirkness, 3 Mrs Craigie, Furse; vhc Mrs Craigie, Scockness. Duck Eggs – 1 and 3 Mrs A. Gibson. Bigland; 2 Mrs Craigie, Cruar; vhc Mrs Kirkness. Hen Eggs – 1 and 3 M. A. Munro, 2 Mrs Kirkness, vhc Mrs Craigie, Blossom. Rhubarb Jam – 1 Mrs J. W. Grieve, 2 and 3 Mrs Craigie, Furse. Rhubarb and Ginger Jam – 1 Mrs A. Gibson, 2 and 3 Mrs H. I. Gibson, Bigland. Apricot Jam – 1 and 2 Mrs Kirkness, 3 Mrs Fraser, The Manse. Marmalade – 1 M. A. Craigie, Greenfield; 2 Mrs Fraser. Gooseberry Jam – 1 Mrs Fraser, 2 and 3 Mrs Harrold. Strawberry Jam – 1 and 2 M. A. Inkster, Cogar. Cup for Best Butter, for farms of a rental of £50 and under – Mrs Kirkness, Quoyostray.

VEGETABLES, ETC. – Cabbage – 1 and 2 Mrs J. Craigie. Cruar; 3 James K. Yorston, Post Office. Lettuce (cabbage) – 1 James. K. Yorston, 2 Mrs J. Craigie, Cruar; 3 Mrs Grieve, Upper Knarston. Ditto (cos) – 1 Mrs Grieve, Upper Knarston; 2 and 3 James K. Yorston. Parsley – 1 and 2 Mrs J. Craigie, Cruar; 3 Mrs Kirkness, Quoyostray. Leeks – 1 and 3 Mrs Craigie, Furse; 2 James Low, Westness. Carrots – 1 and 2 James K. Yorston, 3 Mrs J. Craigie, Cruar. Parsnips – 1 James Low, 2 and 3 John Harrold, Springfield. Beetroot (long) – 1 and 2 Tom Sinclair, Banks; 3 Mrs J. Craigie, Cruar. Do. (globe) – 1 and 2 Mrs J. Craigie, Cruar; 3 Mrs Craigie. Furse. Onions – 1, 2, and 3 John Harrold, Springfield. Cauliflower – 1 and 2 Tom Sinclair, Banks; 3 Mrs Kirkness, Quoyostray. Radish – 1 and 2 James Low, 3 Mrs J. Craigie, Cruar. Peas – 1 and 3 James Low, 2 James K. Yorston. Potatoes (white, long) – 1 and 2 James K. Yorston, 3 Tom Sinclair. Do. (white, round) – 1 and 2 Mrs Craigie, Furse; 3 James K. Yorston. Do. (long, black) – 1, 2, and 3 James K. Yorston. Do. (round, black) – 1, 2, and 3 Mrs Kirkness. Turnips – 1, 2, and 3 J. Harrold, Springfield. Shallots – 1 Mrs J. Craigie, Cruar; 2 Tom Sinclair, 3 Mrs G. Reid, Tratland.

FRUIT. – Gooseberries – 1 and 2 Mrs J. Craigie, Cruar. Apples – 1 J. Gibson, Hullion. Rhubarb – 1 and 2 Tom Sinclair, Banks; 3 Mrs Grieve, Upper Knarston.

FLOWERS. – Stocks – 1 and 2 J. Gibson, Hullion. Viola – 1 Mrs Grieve, Upper Knarston; 2 James Gibson, 3 Mrs J. Harrold, Springfield. Marigold – 1 Ethel Gibson, Springfield. Pink Rose – 1 James Gibson, 2 Thora Kirkness, 3 Fred. Kirkness. Red Rose – 1 Winifred Gibson, Avelshay. White Rose – 1 James Gibson, 2 Winifred Gibson, 3 Mrs Grieve, Upper Knarston. Sweet Peas – 1 Minnie Logie, Rose Cottage. Marguerites – 1, 2, and 3 Ethel Gibson, Springfield. Spirea – 1 Ethel Gibson, 2 Mrs Harrold, Springfield. Nemophilie – 1 Fred Kirkness, 2 and 3 Thora Kirkness. Wild Violets – 1, 2, and 3 Thora Kirkness. Garden Violets – 1 and 2 Ethel Gibson. Virginia Stock – 1 Thora Kirkness, 2 and 3 Fred Kirkness. Golden Feather – 1 Mrs Grieve, Upper Knarston. Sweet Williams – 1 Mrs Grieve. Gladiola – 1 Mrs Grieve. Canterbury Bells – 1 and 3 Ethel Gibson, 2 Mrs Harrold, Springfield. Honeysuckle – 1 and 2 Ethel Gibson, 3 Fred Kirkness. Veronica -1 Mrs Harrold, 2 and 3 Ethel Gibson. Monkshood – 1 and 2 Ethel Gibson, 3 Mrs Harrold. Salvia – 1 and 3 Ethel Gibson, 2 Mrs Harrold. Shamrock – 1 Winifred Gibson, Avelshay. Mesembryanthemum – 1 Winifred Gibson. Sedum – 1 and 2 Mrs J. W. Grieve. Pot Plants – 1 Violet B. Mainland, Gorehouse. Wild Flowers – 1 Sinclair Whyte, Greenfield; 2 Thora Kirkness, 3 Fred Kirkness.

BAKING. – Oatcakes with Shortening – 1 Mrs A. C. Gibson, Bigland; 2 Mrs Craigie, Blossom; 3 Miss A. Gibson, Langskaill. Do. (without shortening) – 1, 2, and 3 Mrs Craigie, Blossom. Bere Bannocks – 1 Mrs Taylor, Trumland Lodge; 2 Mrs A. C; Gibson, 3 Mrs Craigie, Breck. Gingerbread Cake – 1 Mrs Taylor, 2 Isabella Grieve, Trumland Lodge; 3 Hannah Grieve, Falldown. Jam Tarts – 1 Miss J. Reid, Wasdale. Pastry Cakes – 1 Isabella Grieve, Falldown, 2 Hanna Grieve, Falldown. Rice Buns – 1 and 2 Mrs Kirkness, Quoyostray. Ice Cakes – 1 and 2 Edith Gibson, Avelshay. Melting Moments – 1 Marjorie Gibson, Hullion; 2 M. A. Craigie, Greenfield; 3 Edith Gibson, Avelshay. Fruit Cake – 1 Edith Gibson, 2 Mrs Taylor, Lodge; 3 M. A, Craigie, Greenfield. Rock Cakes – 1 and 3 Edith Gibson. 2 M. A. Craigie, Greenfield. Sponge Cake – 1 and 2 Mrs H. I. Gibson, Bigland. Queen Cake – 1 and 2 Mrs H. I. Gibson. Parkins – 1 and 2 Mrs Harrold, Springfield. Shortbread – 1 M. A. Craigie, Blossom; 2 Edith Gibson, 3 Marjorie Gibson, Hullion. Iced Shortbread – 1 Edith Gibson. Iced Cakes – 1 Marjorie Gibson. Oven Scones – 1 and 3 Marjorie Gibson. 2 Miss A. Gibson, Langskaill. Flour Scones – 1 Mrs Seatter, Banks, 2 Mrs H. I. Gibson, 3 Mrs Taylor, Lodge. Drop Scones – 1 and 2 Edith Gibson, 3 M. A. Craigie, Greenfield. Cherry Cake – 1 Mrs H. I. Gibson, 2 Mrs Harrold, 3 Mrs Kirkness. Jam Sandwich – 1 Marjorie Gibson, 2 Miss A. Gibson, Langskaill; 3 Mrs H. I. Gibson. Lancashire Nuts – 1, 2, and 3 Miss A. Craigie, Blossom.

INDUSTRIAL SECTION. – All-over Fair Isle Jumpers – 1 and 2 Miss M. A. Munro. Fair Isle Bordered Jumper – 1 and 2 Mrs Inkster, Woo; 3 Mrs H. I. Gibson, Bigland. Plain Knitted Jumper – 1 Mrs H. I. Gibson, 2 Mrs Inkster, Woo, 3 Miss Annie Grieve, Digro. Nightdress – 1 and 2 Mrs H. I. Gibson. Cushion Covers – 1 Mrs H. I. Gibson, 2 and 3 Miss M. A. Craigie, Blossom. Camisole – 1 and 2 Mrs H. I. Gibson. Patchwork Cushion – 1 Isabella Grieve, Falldown; 2 Mrs J. Craigie, Cruar; 3 Mrs H. I. Gibson. Traycloths – 1 Mrs H. I. Gibson, 2 A. M. Robertson, Scockness; 3 Mrs H. I. Gibson. Spinning – 1, 2, and 3 Mrs J. Harrold, Springfield. Chemise (hand sewn) – 1, 2, and 3 Mrs H. I. Gibson. Nightdress – 1 and 2 Mrs H. I. Gibson. Silk Knitted Jumper – 1 and 2 Miss Bella Grieve, Kirkhall; 3 Miss Annie Reid, Tratland. Knitted Doyleys – 1 Miss M. A. Munro. Crochet Trimmed Bedspread – 1 Miss M. A. Munro. Socks – 1 and 2 Mrs H. I. Gibson. Knitted Gloves – 1 Miss Isabella Grieve, Falldown. Baby Coatee – 1 Miss Isabella Grieve, Falldown. Tatted Collar – 1 Miss J. Reid. Woollen Quilt – 1 Mrs Craigie, Cruar.

SPECIAL PRIZES. – 1 lb. tea for best shortbread – M. A. Craigie, Blossom. Knife cleaner, presented by Rev. Roderick Fraser, for best flour scones – Mrs Seatter, Banks. Primus stove, presented by Dr Thomson, for best gingerbread cake – Mrs Taylor, Trumland Lodge. ½ doz. tea knives, presented by Mr Samuel Inkster. Kirkhall, for best oven scones – Miss Marjorie Gibson, Hullion. Special prize, presented by the Leonards, Kirkwall, for best needlework – Mrs H. I. Gibson, Bigland. Brown & Polson cakes – 1 and 3 M. Munro, Old School; 2 Mrs Harrold, Springfield.

1925 September 30 Orkney Herald

ROUSAY. – The sacrament of the Lord’s Supper was dispensed in Ritchie Church, Sourin, on Sunday, September 13th, by Rev. D. S. Brown, M.A. With favourable weather, there was a record attendance, which gave the office-bearers encouragement in their not easy task of working this church with its two congregations scattered over two islands. Representatives were present from every district.

1925 October 7 Orkney Herald

ROUSAY – PRESENTATION. – On Thursday evening, 1st October, in the Wasbister Schoolroom, a very interesting and happy ceremony took place. As Miss [Annie] Craigie, late teacher in Wasbister School, was leaving to go abroad it was thought fitting to present her with suitable gifts to show the appreciation and esteem in which she was held by her pupils and friends in the district. Mr Kirkness, Quoyostray, presided over the gathering, and in a short speech enumerated Miss Craigie’s many sterling qualities, both as a teacher and friend. He then called on Miss Clara Craigie to present the gifts, which consisted of two cases of cutlery and a silver cheese-dish, for which Miss Craigie very suitably and feelingly replied. Mr Inkster, Cogar, in his usual good style, along with his friends, Mrs Moar, Miss Craigie, and Messrs Clouston and Sinclair, submitted a short programme of instrumental and vocal music, which was much enjoyed by all present. Thereafter an abundant tea was served by a party of young ladies. Then followed a most enjoyable dance, the music for which was supplied by Mrs Moar and Mr Inkster on the piano, and by Messrs Clouston and Craigie on the violin, and Mr Sinclair on the melodeon. At intervals during the dance Messrs Sinclair and Clouston sang a number of appropriate songs. The meeting terminated with the singing of “Auld Land Syne.” Among those present were Mr and Mrs Craigie, Ivybank; Councillor Inkster, Kirkwall, and Dr Thomson, Brinian House, Rousay.

[Teacher Annie Flaws Craigie was the daughter of James Gibson Craigie, Old School/Ivybank, and Annabella Flaws Chalmers, Stronsay. James was clerk to both Rousay School Board and Parish Council. Annie was leaving Rousay to marry George Scarth of Kirkwall, after which they emigrated to Canada.]

A meeting of the North Isles Presbytery was held in Kirkwall on Monday – Rev. R. H. Richmond, moderator pro tempore, presiding. – The Clerk (Dr Murison) reported that the Rev. Roderick Fraser, late of Rousay, had been admitted to the church and parish of Lintrathen on 30th September, and the Rousay church had been preached vacant on Sunday. They had now to appoint a moderator in place of Mr Fraser. He suggested the Rev. David G. Milne, Stronsay…..[which was] Agreed.

1925 October 28 Orkney Herald

METEORITES. – Many people of nocturnal habits must have been interested and impressed by the unusual brilliance of some shooting stars which they have observed during the past week. Whether they in any way exercise any influence on atmospheric conditions would require the scientific acumen of a meteorological expert. During the past week the barometer has been particularly low, although the weather has been reasonably mild, with quite a lot of rain. On Wednesday, 21st inst., with the aurora borealis uncommonly bright, usually the forerunner of rough and unsettled weather, two shooting stars, one seen at 7.45 and the other at 8.55, were observed by a number of people. The last mentioned gave a dazzling brilliance to such an extent that the writer imagined a motor car was behind him. In the south-west the sky was considerably illumined, and as the “shooting star” seemed to break into pieces and vanish, a distinct hissing sound was heard. It would be interesting to know if other observers witnessed a similar experience.

1925 November 4 Orkney Herald

ROUSAY – WEDDING. – A very pretty wedding was solemnised at Sketquoy last Friday evening, when Miss Annabella Sinclair, only daughter of Mr and Mrs Robert Sinclair, was united in marriage to Mr James Clouston, only son of Mr and Mrs James Clouston, Tou, Rousay. The marriage ceremony was performed by the Rev. D. Brown, M.A., minister of the United Free Church. The bride, who was given away by her father, looked charming in a robe of white crepe-de-chine, beautifully ornamented with sequinned trimming. Her embroidered tulle veil was held in place by a circlet of orange blossom, and she carried a sheaf of white chrysanthemums. The bridesmaid was Miss Clouston, cousin of the bridegroom, and she wore a handsome dress of turquoise blue crepe-de-chine, with overdress of lace. She also carried a bouquet of white chrysanthemums. Mr Hugh Sinclair, brother of the bride, acted as groomsman. After the ceremony had been performed and the happy couple had received the good wishes of their many friends, all repaired to the dining-rooms, where a sumptuous repast awaited them. Thereafter all adjourned to the dancing apartment, which was tastefully decorated with flags and evergreens for the occasion, and a most enjoyable evening was spent in dancing, the music for which was supplied on the violin and piano. Throughout the evening the guests were most hospitably entertained by Mr and Mrs Sinclair. The bride and bridegroom were the recipients of many handsome and costly presents, testifying to their great popularity.

1925 November 11 Orkney Herald

ROUSAY FARMS SOLD. – The farm of Knarston, Rousay, was exposed for sale at the upset price of £500 in the chambers of Messrs T. P. & J. L. Low, solicitors, Kirkwall, on Monday, and was purchased at that price by Mr Duncan J. Robertson, solicitor, Kirkwall, for Mr Robert Sinclair, Newhouse, Rousay. The Meal Mill of Sourin and the farm of Banks came under the hammer at the upset price of £1,100, but no offers were received. The subjects were then exposed separately, the farm being offered at £250 and the mill at £350, but there were no bidders. The houses and lands of Clumpy, Eastaquoy and Oldman, extending to 56 acres, were offered at the upset price of £150. No offers were received, but on the subjects being exposed separately, Mr J. C. Morrice, solicitor, Kirkwall, purchased Clumpy at the upset price of £20 for Mr John Harcus, Eastaquoy, Sourin, Rousay. The other properties remained unsold. Messrs T. P. & J. L. Low, solicitors, Kirkwall, acted for the exposers, and Mr T. Smith Peace, Kirkwall, was the auctioneer.

1925 November 18 Orkney Herald

ROUSAY – ARMISTICE SUNDAY. – An interesting and efficient service was held in Ritchie Church, Sourin, in connection with the above on Nov. 8th, and was attended by members of the British Legion. The Rev. D. S. Brown, M.A., was the preacher, and addressed the congregation on the spiritual nature of a soldier’s self-sacrifice. The collection was sent to Earl Haig’s Fund for ex-service men.

ARMISTICE DAY. – A public meeting was held on Armistice Day at the War Memorial, where the British Legion deposited a beautiful wreath in memory of their departed comrades.

1925 November 25 Orkney Herald

ROUSAY – PRESENTATION. – In Sourin Schoolhouse on Wednesday, November 18th, Miss Baikie, schoolmistress, received a presentation from Trumland U.F. Church choir and friends, which took the form of a dinner service of chaste design, and also an aneroid barometer, in connection with her approaching marriage. Mr John Logie, in making the presentation, referred to the hearty response made by the subscribers to the collectors. Mr George Gibson, conductor of Trumland choir, and also Mr Brown, spoke in praise of her long and faithful services as organist, given gratuitously for a number of years. Miss Baikie suitably replied.

[Lydia Gibson Baikie was the daughter James Baikie and his wife, of Kirkwall. At the Sourin Schoolhouse on November 20th, she married William Simpson Corsie, son of John Corsie, Brendale, and Margaret Skethaway, Knarston.]

1925 December 2 Orkney Herald

THE WEATHER. – Sharp wintry weather has been experienced in Orkney since Tuesday of last week, and on the succeeding days, with the exception of Sunday and Monday, high winds, snow, and sleet prevailed, covering the countryside with a mantle of white. It was bitterly cold, and the piercing winds made it most disagreeable for those who were exposed to the elements. The severity may be gauged by the fact that the mail steamer s.s. St Ola did not cross the Pentland Firth on Friday and Saturday. The weather, however, moderated on Sunday, and she was able to cross the Firth. A delivery of letters to callers was made at the Post Office in the evening. The s.s. St Rognvald experienced the full blast of the gale on her weekly voyage from Aberdeen to Kirkwall. She left her home port on Friday at 4 p.m., and arrived at Kirkwall shortly after noon on Saturday, having been on the passage for roughly twenty hours. The s.s. Amelia was also delayed by the hurricane, and arrived late on Sunday evening. A number of trawlers also sought shelter in the harbour, one of them, the Ben Attow, lost her small boat, it having been swept away by a huge wave. With the exception of one heavy shower of hail on Monday forenoon, the conditions overhead were dry, but there was still a cold touch in the atmosphere.

ROUSAY – PRESENTATION AND SOCIAL. – A very pleasing function took place in Wasbister School on Friday, the 20th November, when the inhabitants of the district, along with a few invited guests, held a social and presented Mr David Gibson, Langskaill, with a pair a beautiful binoculars on the occasion of his giving up farming and leaving the district. Mr J. G. [James Gibson] Craigie occupied the chair, and, in his opening remarks, said they were all sorry that Mr Gibson was leaving. The Gibsons had occupied the farm of Langskaill for many generations, had always taken a deep interest in the welfare of the community, and had been highly respected. He was proud to say that Mr Gibson had worthily upheld the tradition of the family. Although he was leaving the district, he was pleased to say that Mr Gibson was not leaving Rousay, and they would all have the pleasure of seeing him often. Mr Craigie then called upon Mrs [Betsy] Kirkness, Quoyostray, to make the presentation. Mrs Kirkness, in a few well-chosen remarks, asked Mr Gibson to accept these binoculars as a token of their esteem and regard for him, and hoped he would long be spared to use them. Mr Gibson, in replying, thanked them all for the handsome gift, and referred to the many changes that had taken place in the district during his memory. He remembered all the big farms changing tenants, and spoke of the new farm implements and new methods of farming – and now all the tenants had become proprietors. He was very sorry to leave the district, but he intended staying in Rousay, and would have the opportunity of seeing them very often. A short musical programme was then carried through. Mr R. Inkster, Cogar, presided at the piano, and had with him Mrs [Jane] Moar, Saviskaill; Miss [Tina] Mathieson, teacher; Miss [Maggie Jessie] Flaws, Hammerfield; and Messrs James Clouston, Tou; James Craigie, Deithe. and Hugh Sinclair, Vacquoy, who rendered a few part songs, solos, and a trio, also violin selections, in a very pleasing manner, and which were greatly appreciated by all present. Votes of thanks were accorded to Mr Craigie for occupying the chair, to Mrs Kirkness for making the presentation, and to the singers and the committee of management. A splendid tea was then served which ample justice was done. Afterwards the school was cleared and a most enjoyable dance took place, which was kept up with much vigour for some time. The singing of “Auld Lang Syne” brought the social to a close. Mr Gibson has erected a nice bungalow on his brother’s farm at Avelshay, near Trumland Pier, to which he intends to retire.

ANOTHER PRESENTATION. – On Wednesday evening last a deputation from the committees of the Agricultural Society and Horticultural Show met with Mrs Corsie in the Sourin Schoolhouse and presented her, on the occasion of her marriage, with a handsome timepiece as a token of gratitude for her kindness in granting the use of the Schoolhouse on the show days. Mrs Corsie suitably replied. Thereafter the deputation were entertained to a sumptuous supper by Mr and Mrs Corsie, and a very pleasant evening was spent.

1925 December 23 Orkney Herald

ROUSAY – THE CHURCHES. – The Rev. D. G. Milne, Stronsay Established Church, who dispensed the sacrament in Rousay Parish Church on December 13th, also took part in the service of Sourin U.F. Church in the afternoon, and addressed the congregation there with much acceptance. These friendly visits of successive Established clergymen to the sister Church in the interests of Church fellowship and union are doing good work in this parish.

UNION OF THE CHURCHES. – The session and congregation of Rousay U.F.C. unanimously agreed a short time ago that, in their opinion, the main causes of separation between the Churches have been removed.