Quoygrinnie was a cottage at the side of the road on the Westside, above the old farm of Brough. A rental of 1740 records Gilbert and James Flaws as the tenants. One hundred years later its occupant was James Smith, though it was not long before he moved to No 3. Frotoft [Brough].

By 1841, the census tells us Helen Yorston took over the tenancy. A few years later, in 1846, Alexander Logie from nearby Windbreck, lived at Quoygrinnie. He was a merchant and lived there with his second wife Barbara Murray.

Alexander was born in 1796 and his first wife was Isabel Harrold. Their first three children, James, Charles, and Betty were born when they were living at Cott, Westside, between 1819 and 1823. They had three more daughters, Betty, Maria, and Mary, when living at nearby Windbreak, between 1825 and 1831. Alexander then married Barbara Murray, and they had five children born between 1839 and 1850; Magnus, Eliza, Margaret, Alexander, and John.

By 1881, the youngest of all these children, John Logie, who was born in 1850, was the tenant of Quoygrinnie. He was a shepherd and later a cattle dealer, and in 1872 he married 33-year-old Mary Gibson, daughter of John Gibson and Barbara Craigie of Vacquoy. They had three children; Mary, born in 1873, John in 1880, and Margaret in 1877, but she died at the age of just 5.