The Brinian

Pier Folk & Views

Captain Ted Fresson and his Highland Airways Gypsy Moth G-AAWO on the Point Field at Trumland Farm, just along from the pier, – flights offered at five shillings a time. Highland Airways was set up by Captain Fresson in 1933, and the Rousay airfield was in operation between August 1934 and 1946.

Margaret Green writes: The year is 1937, that’s me aged 2 in the arms of my father, James William Johnston. My mother Nan (niece of Bab Harrold) is next. The older woman second from right is my Granny, Maggie Johnston, welcoming us to Trumland – or maybe seeing us off, who knows. Don’t know who the other two ladies are, visitors I imagine.

Above left is Maggie Simpson Sutherland, known as Peggy, and her cousin Jeannie Harrold. Peggy, born in 1910, was the daughter of Brinian blacksmith William Sutherland and Margaret Harrold. She married Willie Marwick who ran a shop at the pier, between the smiddy and Brinola. Jeannie, born in 1900, was the daughter of Esther and John Harrold [Margaret’s brother], a general merchant who ran a shop at Rose Cottage. The girls are pictured above right with Jeannie’s brother Jack in his army uniform.

Minna Logie was born in 1867, daughter of John Logie, Geo, Westness, and Cecilia Gibson, Vacquoy. She was the sister of Charlie Burroughs Logie, the joiner, and John Logie, the butler at Trumland House. She later lived at Rose Cottage, and passed away, unmarried, in 1957.

Trumland House gardener John Cutt at Daisy Cottage with baby Jackie MacDonald. To the right is James Grieve, Fa’doon, and standing next to him is Harry Logie, son of joiner Charlie Logie and Alice Gibson, Hullion. Harry married Alice Stout and they lived at Ivy Cottage. Alice is pictured below at Daisy Cottage with her daughter Alice – and her daughter, also christened Alice. c.1935

Brinian blacksmith’s sons George and Hugh Sutherland. George worked at Westness House, but Hugh left Rousay and emigrated to Canada. On the right is George Sutherland and his sister Peggy outside the blacksmith’s and joiner’s shops at the pier.

Two views of Rousay pier taken from the steamer in 1963. From the left: John Johnston, Testaquoy, Wyre; John Petrie, Tratland; Alice Mary Logie, Ivy Cottage; Tommy Inkster, Woo; Harry Sinclair, Newhouse; Neil Flaws, Halbreck, Wyre; James Marwick, Innister; George Sutherland, Viera View; Sheila Flaws, Halbreck, Wyre; ?; John Mainland, Cott. – No names for the folk in the photo to the right unfortunately.

Above left we see postman Roy Russell at the Post boat, with Neil Flaws on board. On the right is a photo sent in by Fred Garson, ex-Faraclett. It shows the ‘Last Clydesdale to leave Rousay’. c1966. Dave Gibson, Hullion, and Harold Grieve, Saviskaill, with the small herd of kye just landed at Rousay pier from the Islander. Also in the picture are Bill Harcus, Archer Clouston, Jim Steebly and Jock Harcus – with Harry Sinclair leading the horse out of the kye’s path before loading it onto the steamer.

[All the other b/w photos above are courtesy of the Tommy Gibson Collection]

Aerial view of Rousay Pier in 1975 courtesy of Charles Tait.

Rousay Pier and its surrounding area, seen from the deck of the Eynhallow in 2010.