Frotoft – Past & Present

Tom Kent’s famous photo of Frotoft, circa 1900.
A superb view of the Frotoft houses – Langstane, Cott, Brough, Burrian, and Breek.
The photographer is unknown, but the image was found in Mrs Middlemore’s
Journal, in the possession of Helen Firth of Vacquoy –
and it was she who allowed me to copy it.
Looking west from Hullion Pier, showing Viera Lodge, Corse, Eynhallow and Costa Head. An old watercolour from Mrs Firth’s collection – though the artist remains anonymous.
An old postcard, showing Hullion, Yorville, and Viera Lodge.
The view across Eynhallow Sound from the end of Hullion Pier.
The monastic building on Eynhallow showing up in silhouette on the lower slope of the island – a view from the shore below Yorville.
Hullion Pier provides another viewpoint, the crystal-clear waters of
Eynhallow Sound reflecting a bonny summer’s day.
Eastern view from Corse – Yorville in the foreground, and Cotafea on the high ground in the distance.
Spectacular peaty waterfalls above Banks.
The familiar Frotoft phonebox – still in situ, despite being obsolete.
Looking back, from a little further along the Frotoft road.
The Langstane – beside the house of the same name.
Mount Pleasant, high on Sinclair’s Hill.
A rainbow arcing above the old Frotoft schoolhouse.