Rousay Videos

A collection of links to videos with a Rousay content, hosted by YouTube.

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The BBC2 documentary series Arena visited Rousay in 1977 to learn about the island’s film society.

1977 Rousay Film Society

Orkney Magazine No 1 – The Drift Back. A film produced for the Orkney County Council’s Education Committee by Margaret Caroline Tait (Ancona Films) in 1956. We see Neil Flaws and his family, Alice, John and Sheila, return to Halbreck, Wyre.

The Drift Back

FARA – The Orkney Series – Episode 9. Jeana Leslie and Kristan Harvey visited Rousay in October 2020. After relating the island’s history they visit Jim Craigie’s old home and play his best-known tune – Maggie Watson’s Farewell to Blackhammer.

FARA – The Orkney Series – Ep9

A video I produced of a collection of my Rousay photographs. The soundtrack is The Rousay Grand March, composed by Jim Craigie, and played by Garry Blakeley.

Rousay 1

Another collection of my Rousay photos, with three more of Jim Craigie’s tunes, The Purple Hills o’ Rousay, Guthrie’s Backsteen, and The Brig o’ Vacquoy, played by Garry Blakeley.

Rousay, Orkney ~ pictures and fiddle tunes

Throw another peat on the fire, pour yourself a dram, and watch a video I made in January 2012 – Wester in Winter, Rousay.

Wester in Winter, Rousay, Orkney

Rousay musicians Ellen and James Grieve play the tune – Edwin Flaws of Wyre by Freeland Barbour, and Maggie Watson’s Farewell to Blackhammer by Jim Craigie.

Ellen and James Grieve – Edwin Flaws of Wyre

I ventured out in a westerly blow of force 10 or thereabouts. My vantage point was the top of the Leean, with the Head of Faraclett taking a pounding.

Faraclett Head, Rousay, Orkney – in a force 10

Neil Oliver explores the Knowe of Lairo, assisted by Bruce Mainland, Cott, – a clip from the BBC TV series Britain’s Ancient Capital: Secrets of Orkney