Quandale Views

This cairn is at High Robbie, the name given to a huge quarry site on the hill known as Moolie. Higher up is Twelve Hours Tower, a prominent part of the hill seen throughout Wasbister, looking at which the folks who lived there knew the time of day.

An interesting feature of Quandale’s past is this ‘sheep dip.’ The structure is basically a narrowing stone-walled channel with a flagged and cobbled floor in order to direct sheep into a pond of water which was created by damming the burn. It was built in the 1800s before the time of chemicals when they hoped giving the sheep a good soak in water might help to clear them of parasites.

Above left: Entrance to the sheepfold above Quoynalonganess
Right: Lichen and Sea Pinks add colour to the shore below Quandale

Boulders and breakers on Digger Beach

Cliff edge views at Bring Head – not far from the northern-most of all the Quandale houses – North House

The ruin of Tofts dominates the skyline wherever you are in Quandale

From the road above Quandale – a great place to watch a mid-summer sunset