Rousay Drama Club – c.1938

This picture was taken at a dance after a performance by the Rousay Drama Club in about 1938. The photographer was W. S. Thomson, who worked in Orkney for about 10 years from 1937. The photo originated from Gordie Peterson of Stromness, whose grandparents lived at Westness before taking over the Blossom in the 1930s. Robert Craigie Marwick contributed the accompanying information, and in doing so he added his thanks to Edith Gibson, Burrian, for help in identifying many of the folk.

Front row, from the left:- Robert Johnston. James Mainland, and Hugh Russell.

Second row:- Jim Craigie, Lizzie Craigie, James (Steebly) Craigie, Chrissie Russell,
Hugh Marwick, Hugh Gibson, Maisie Mainland, Peggy Cooper, Rita Shaw,
Cissie Gibson, and half image (unknown).

Third row:- Alice Logie, Charles Logie, John Gibson, Marjory Gibson. James Marwick,
Sadie Gibson, Hugh Craigie, Maggie Grieve, Hugh Robertson,
Ann Lyon, and William Gibson.

Fourth row:- William Craigie, John Mainland, David Benston, James Craigie,
Leonard Marwick, Jim Yorston, Mabel Grieve, Cissie Sinclair,
Sarah Smith, and Edith Gibson.

Back row:- Edwin Moar partly behind curtain, Stanley Moar, Fraser Moar,
James Clouston, Sinclair Craigie, William Moar, Nellie Harcus, Evelyn Pirie,
Jim Gorn, Evelyn Shearer, Thora Kirkness, Anna Reid, Kathleen Gibson
(top of head showing), Alice Cormack, John Shearer (partly concealed),
and Molly Gorn.