London was the name of a small tenement house, one storey in height and thatched, between Hullion and Mount Pleasant in Frotoft. It was occupied in the 1840’s by fisherman and farmer David Mainland and his family. David, the son of David Mainland of Tratland and his first wife Margaret Sinclair, was born on May 19th 1808. He married Ann Wood of Wyre, who was born in 1815, and they had five children, Robert, Hugh, Lydia, John and Mary, born between 1838 and 1848. In 1846 David paid rent of £3 10s, increasing between 1854 and 1860 £4 10s.

London – with Hullion below left, Viera Lodge just above, Banks and Corse to the right,
Eynhallow, and Costa Head on mainland in the distance.