Flintersquoy was an old croft situated above the public road between Munsey and the Quandale school. In the Rousay Birth Register of 1830 it was spelled Flintryquoy. James Gibson was a blacksmith, and this is where he worked in the mid-1800’s. In 1841 he paid rent of £2 2s 3d and in 1843 it stood at £3 3s 0d.

He was the son of Alexander Gibson and Margaret Craigie, born in 1798. He married Mary Marwick, the daughter of George and Barbara Marwick, and they had three daughters, Mary, Maggie, and Ann.

In 1851 James was 53, and Mary was 59 years old. Daughter Maggie was 18 and employed at home. Living with them was Mary’s brother William, a 62-year-old retired ship’s master, and 27-year-old Margaret Marwick, who was employed as a house servant. Due to the actions of the laird, George William Traill, James and his family were evicted in 1855 and they moved to Curquoy in Sourin.