Tofts Genealogy

From Jim Spence, Hamilton, Ontario – via Facebook:

My thanks to Jim for allowing me to reproduce the following:-

Magnus Murray was born out of wedlock. His mother was Barbara, born in 1746 to parents, James Murray and Margaret Knarston. James and his brother, John, were sons of Magnus Murray. James born about 1714 and John, about 1711. John married Bessie Alexander, and had 3 boys, Magnus, 1737; Alexander 1739; and George 1744.

James and Margaret had 3 children, George, 1740, Jacobina, 1743 and Barbara, 1746 who was the mother of our Magnus.

Some info on the Murray family of Magnus and Janet (nee Robertson):

1st born were twins, Barbara and Betsy, born September 30, 1809. Barbara married Alexander Logie on March 28, 1837. Betsy married William Manson, December 19, 1828.

Next came Ann, born March 25, 1812. She married Alexander Craigie, February 19, 1836.

Then sons, Magnus, born June 25, 1814 and James, born March 26, 1817.

Next was daughter, Janet, born July 3, 1819 in Brough Head. She married George Robson on June 15, 1841. These are my g-g-grandparents.

The came Charles, born December 22, 1821 and lastly, Mary, who was christened August 22, 1824. She married Robert Logie, March 26, 1855.

Janet (Murray) and George Robson had 6 children: Anne, 1842; James, 1844; Eliza, 1846, who married Magnus Mowat in 1872; Robert, 1852; Margaret Brotchie Robson, 1848, who married John Sabiston in 1874 (These are my g-grandparents); and Alexina, 1859, who married William Tinch in 1881. All the children were born in Rousay except for Alexina who was born in Outslap, Glebe, Birsay.

Janet (Murray) Robson’s obituary:

OBITUARY: Death of a Nonagenarian

On Friday 5th [1914]. Was laid to rest in the quiet churchyard the remains of one who has long lived past the allotted span. We refer to the late Janet Murray Robson, daughter of Magnus Murray and Janet Robertson, who was born at Brough, Westside, Rousay on the 3rd of July and baptised 15th July 1819 before witnesses. She had thus reached the prolonged age of 94 years and 11 months. In her childhood, her father removed to the farm at Tafts in Quandale, Rousay, where he died about the year 1848 when these parts of Rousay were being depopulated. In the Spring of 1850, her husband, the late Mr. George Robson, Schoolmaster, removed from Rousay to Birsay 61 years ago, crossing Eynhallow Sound to Evie, thence by road, the furniture being landed by boat from Rousay at Tanga to Skipi Geo, Birsay. Mrs. Robson was of a kindly and unselfish disposition and often used to refer to her happy, active days of her youth at her father’s farm at Tafts.