Wilson Family Memories

Margaret Wilson from Edinburgh has been kind enough to share a
few Rousay memories – together with a fine set of
photographs and their captions:

My granddad, Dave Wilson the draughtsman,
with my dad Darney at Midhowe, 1934.

“My granddad, David Wilson, was an Edinburgh draughtsman and was asked by Walter Grant [then owner of the island’s Trumland estate] to draw up the plans of Midhowe Broch during the excavations in 1932. Grant gifted my granddad two cottages to live in during the time he spent there – Sjo Brekka and Avils. He would take the whole family up for two-to-three months at a time. He planned to retire to Orkney but following his trip up to finalise his retirement plans in 1961, he sadly died of a heart attack coming home on the St Ola. My dad, Darney Wilson, was only six months old the first time he went and there began a lifelong love of Rousay and Orkney. He was there every year until he died in 2008. Both his and my mum’s ashes are scattered at Hullion Pier.”

Hullion’s horse-drawn shop van.
Visiting friends at Westness Cottage
In the post boat with Tom Sinclair, ‘Laidler’, Darney Wilson and my Nana, Betty Wilson.
Dave and Edith Gibson at Hullion with
Margaret and Darney Wilson, 1967
Dave and Edith Gibson, and children Julia and Norman at Hullion,
with Margaret Wilson Snr on the left, 1963
Tom and Bella Sinclair with Margaret Wilson at Banks, 1967
Tom Sinclair at Banks with Darney, Margaret and
wee Margaret Wilson
Peedie Margaret Wilson with Cissie and Hugh Gibson, 1968
Peedie Margaret Wilson with Cissie and Hugh Gibson, 1968
Jock Petrie at Tratland, with Darney and Margaret Wilson c1975