Dale & Stirling

Dale was an old house-site in Quandale about 250 yards down from the public road and on the bank of a stream.

In 1841 it was occupied by George Flaws and his family, having moved from nearby Breek. George was then a 55-year-old farmer, his wife Margaret was also 55 years of age, and daughters Janet and Jane, were 20 and 15 years old.

In 1845, during the laird’s clearance of Quandale and the Westside, the family, along with many other people, were evicted. In 1846 George and his family moved into a newly built croft and house in Frotoft, and they named it after their old house in Quandale – Breek.


Stirling was an old croft at Quandale, 150 yards or so to the west of the public road. It was amalgamated with the nearby croft of Deal before 1841, and from then onwards it was occupied as a sub-tenancy until the Quandale clearances.

In 1841 the tenant was Barbara Inkster, paying £1 11s 6d rent. In 1843 William Sabeston was the tenant and his rent was five guineas a year. In 1851, William was a 47-year-old agricultural labourer and Jane, his wife, was 39. At that time they had three children; James, a seven-year-old schoolboy, William, who was four, and a ten-month-old baby daughter christened Mary. At the time of the clearances in 1855 William and his family moved to nearby Munzie.