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A word or two regarding the release of Edinburgh author Tom Lennie’s book – entitled ‘Rousay Remembered’. It is the story of Phebe Marwick (Tom’s mother), who had an unusual and colourful childhood growing up on the Orkney island of Rousay way back in the pre-WW2 years and during the war itself. The book is lavishly filled with illustrations, maps, scenic colour photos and glossy black and white portraits.

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Imagine a time and place when toy dolls were hand-carved out of wood, when bairns walked barefoot to school, and sums were done on slate-boards. A time when an apple or orange was a very rare treat and snacking between meals involved chewing raw turnip.


Imagine a time when your home was self-sufficient in wool, flour, chicken, pork, cheese and so much more, and other items were bartered for. A time when the grocer-van and ambulance were drawn by horse; and long summer mornings were spent herding cattle in rich pasture-land.



Enter the childhood world of Phebe Marwick, who grew up in the Wasbister district of Rousay in the inter-war years. Take a step back into the past with her, as she relates many inspirational stories from a long bygone era. Much more than an event-filled childhood memoir, this engaging title offers uncommon insight into the vibrant social history of one of Orkney’s northern isles.


‘Rousay Remembered’ is priced at £12.50 and is available from Amazon, The Orcadian bookshop in Kirkwall, or from Tom himself for £10 + £1.50 p&p (eg, via PayPal) via email at

Tom is gracious in his introduction regarding the title of his book. He writes:....."my grateful thanks to Max Fletcher for allowing me to use 'Rousay Remembered' as the title of this book. 'Rousay Remembered' is of course the name of Max's website, one that offers an abundance of rich information on all aspects of Rousay history, recent and more distant. The entire website is awash with scores of impressive photographs, and the reader is warmly encouraged to peruse its many informative pages."