[All photos from the Tommy Gibson collection]

01 Rev Pirie & group of 13 early 1900s 02 Corsie-Gibson group c1920 [see note] 03 Wester School picnic, early 1920's 04 Rousay football team c1923 05 Frotoft picnic 1923 (1) 05 Frotoft picnic 1923 (2) 05 Frotoft picnic 1923 (3) 6 Wester. Big group 1924 [see note] 07Group of 8 c1925 [see note] 08 Group of five 1930s  [see note] 09 Group of 7 c1939 [see note]

Here we have a group of fourteen folk. On the reverse of the photo there are just thirteen names, and I reproduce them as written!

From left: Rev Pirie; George & Annabella Gibson, Avelshay; Isaac Marwick & wife; David Gibson of the Bungalow, Jessie Marwick, Bella Robertson, Kirkwall, Hamish Horne & wife Betsy Ann Marwick.

Seated: Mary Ann Inkster, Cogar; Annabella Clouston, Tou; Rose Ida Gibson, Hullion

Rousay c1920

Left to right: ? ?; Jessie Gibson, Swartifield; Mrs Annie Craigie with baby; David Gibson, Swartifield; Agnes Corsie, Knarston; John Marwick, Innister; Janet Corsie, Knarston.

Wasbister School picnic, early 1920's

Rousay football team c1923: Back, from left: James Gibson, Hullion; ?; David Gibson, Brough; Middle row: Harry Logie, Ivy Cottage; ?; William Gibson, Hullion.

Front row: Robert Sinclair, Newhouse; ?; Hugh Craigie, Deithe; Jim Craigie, Viera Lodge; Davidson Harrold, Rose Cottage.

This and the two photos below show a gathering of folk at a Frotoft picnic held in 1923

A group of Wasbister folk pose for the camera in 1924

Back row, from left: Annabella Clouston, Tou; Maggie Anne Craigie, Claybank; Ida Marwick, Grain; Ida Craigie, Turbital; Annie Craigie, Ivybank [teacher]; Liz Moar, Saviskaill; Lizzie Marwick, Whitemeadows.

Front row: Jim Craigie, Deithe; Annabella Sinclair, Sketquoy; Robert Sinclair, Vaquoy; Mary Anne Inkster, Cogar; Hugh Sinclair, Sketquoy; Clara Clouston, Tou; James Craigie, Claybank

Dated c1925

Rear, from left: Hugh Craigie, Treblo; James Marwick, Avelshay; John Gibson, Avelshay;

John Harrold, Rose Cottage.

Front row: Jeannie Harrold, Rose Cottage; Cissie Harrold, Springfield;

Minnie and Lizzie Corsie, Knarston

Annie Reid, Tratland; Kathleen Gibson, Avelshay; John Mainland, Cott; Edith Gibson, Avelshay; Minnie Reid, Tratland - photographed in the 1930s

Sandy Logie, Cubbie Roo; Willie & Peggy Marwick, Ronaldsay; George & Maggie Sutherland, Viera View; Barbara & George Harrold, The Hut. c1939