1872 - 1936


Rousay School Board was an elected body. The Church of Scotland played a great part in education and parish ministers had supervisory roles, including the employment of teachers and carrying out periodic inspections. Rousay had three kirks; the Established, Free, and United Presbyterian, and each voter on this list, dated 1872, has his own particular ecclesiastical affiliation marked beside his name.


Enlargements of the document above

Wasbister, south-east of the public road in 1873. Who lived where, the acreage of their land, and the rent they paid.

03 QUOTE 1884

Alexander Gibson's quote acceptance for building and repair work of a dyke at the United Presbyterian

manse, dated 1884.

04 FAWN 1893

Bill for items delivered to Rousay aboard the steamer Fawn in 1893. James Flaws, Hammerfield, paid Charlie Logie 1s 10½d

for services rendered.

05 BILLS 1898-99

James Flaws, Hammerfield, settling his account with James Flett & Sons in 1898-99.

06 Flaws dog exemption 1900

James Flaws, Hammerfield, declaring his ownership of a sheepdog in January 1900.

07 TEA 1901

James Flaws, Hammerfield, bought 12lbs of tea in November 1901, and Paterson Craigie, Viera Lodge, delivered it to Wasbister.

08 Bellona, Pier Cott 02 02 1902

Fire insurance policy renewal receipt relating to Bellona, Pier Cottage, and a house on land at Falquoy, dated February 1902.

09 Ivy Cottage. Chas. Logie 15 05 1902

The laird paying Charlie Logie for joinery work done at Brendale in May 1902.

10 Trumland House offices & furniture 15 05 1902

Fire insurance policy renewal receipt relating to Trumland House offices and furniture, dated May 1902.

11 Curquoy to let 17 09 1902

Curquoy, Sourin, to let for three months in 1902.

12 Ivy Cottage. Chas. Logie 24 11 1902

Another bill for work done by Charlie Logie, this time at The Bu, Wyre in 1902.

Hugh Craigie paying £1 sterling for the half-year’s rent of Deithe, Wasbister, in May 1905.

13 1905 Deithe rent 14 1906 Agnes Pearson Wm Harrison marriage cert

Two Wasbister ladies getting married in 1906: Mary Jemima Mainland Kirkness, Grain, to Charles William Louttit, Unst - and Agnes Calder Laughton Pearson, Kirkgate, to William Harrison, Kirkwall.

15 1906 Grain rent

Isabella Marwick paying £1 sterling for the half-year’s rent of Grain, Wasbsiter in November 1906.

16 1906 Hammerfield rent

James Flaws paying £3 10s. sterling for the half-year’s rent of Hammerfield, also in November 1906.

17 1906 New Greystone rent

James also paid eight shillings in November 1906 rent on the land at New Greystone, Wasbister.

18 1906 Upper Grain rent

Meanwhile, Hugh Marwick paid six shillings for his half-year rent on Upper Grain, also known as The Slap, in 1906.

19 TAX RETURN 1922

James Flaws, Hammerfield - his income tax return for 1922-23.


James Flaws, Hammerfield, paying his rates to local collector George Gibson [Avalshay] in January 1926.

21 MOVEMENT 1933

The movement of stock from Hammerfield, Wasbister in 1933-34.

22 Miss Sinclair, News 1936

Monumental mason James Dowell, Kirkwall, - a bill for supplying and erecting a monument in the Brinian kirkyard, April 1936.

23 AUCTION 1936

Bill Flaws, Hammerfield – selling stock at Orkney Auction Mart, November 1936.