Rousay folk on their favourite modes of transport.

Avelshay. Edie & James Marwick c1925. One of the 1st women in Rsy to have a mbike

Edie Marwick was one of the first women in Rousay to own a motorbike. The model is an Edinburgh registration BSA S26 500cc, 3-speed manual gears, kick start, and chain-driven. Bought new it would have cost in the region of £50 – but a restored machine [without sidecar] went for £8,650.00 at auction in June 2017. Edie and her husband James [in the sidecar], lived at Rognvaldsay, just up from the pier, in the 1930s.

Dr Boyle off on his rounds, Rousay c1929

Dr Boyle off to see a patient c1929

Greenfield Jim & Maggie Grieve c1935 Grain. Jim & John Marwick

Jim & Maggie Grieve, Greenfield, on a

BSA 500 Sloper 1932 vintage

Jim Marwick and his older brother John with

a bicycle at Grain c1939

Hunclett. Minnie Reid, Tratland; Douglas Craigie,

Douglas Craigie, Hunclett, on his 1920s AJS 349cc side-valve motorcycle, with Minnie Reid, Tratland, and two young visitors

Kirkha'. Samuel Inkster c.1930

Samuel Inkster, Gorn, Scar, and later Kirkha'. 1876 - 1953

07 Postman Jim Craigie, Deithe 1920s 07 Mabel Sinclair & Girlie Logie, Ivy Cottage

Mabel Sinclair, Banks, Frotoft, with her friend Girlie Logie, Ivy Cottage. The interesting thing about this picture is the fact the BS licence plate was registered for a car!

Postman James Campbell Bruce Craigie, Deithe, in the 1920s

Motorbike see note

George Craigie, Falquoy; Minnie Reid, Tratland; Annie Johnston, Breek; Hugh Sinclair, Sketquoy; and Hugh Robertson, Langskaill

with a1920s BSA motorcycle and sidecar

Pushbikes see note

Ellen Mary Hourie, Braehead; Kathleen Craigie, Furse; Chrissie Russell, Brendale; Netta Sinclair, Sketquoy;

Front – Netta Russell; Reenie Hourie

Rose Cottage Jock Harrold c.1920

Jock Harrold, Rose Cottage, on his Edinburgh registered 1923 Raleigh 350cc, 2.75 HP. Single-cylinder side valve engine, chain-cum belt drive, Sturmey-Archer gearbox with hand change lever, girder forks, flat tank, and luggage grid

Sourin Manse. Nana Waterston, on one of the first m.cycles in Rousay

Nana Waterston, a relation of the Rev David Simpson Brown, Sourin Manse, on one of the first motorcycles and sidecar combinations in Rousay - a 1926 BSA 4¼ hp 557cc side valve

Upper Knarston. Archer Clouston, c1930.

A young Archer Clouston with his bike on the road above Knarston c1935

Trumland House gamekeeper Mackie Hourie c.1960

Trumland Estate gamekeeper Mackie Hourie pictured at Hulllion c.1960 with his1930s Rudge-Whitworth Special 4-valve 499cc motorbike.

It had a cast iron open valve cylinder head, parallel inlet valves

and parallel exhaust, rockers on cast pillars, 18mm side plug,

and 8” front & rear brakes, coupled with steel shoes.

All photographs are from the Tommy Gibson collection,

and credit goes to Jean Tulloch / Orkney Vintage Club

for help in identifying the motorcycles.