COMING SOON..........

Over the winter months I will be adding the following pages to Rousay Remembered: -


The life and times of Cathleen Craigie, Furse. 1918-2015


Alexander Munro 1841-1916, General Burroughs' Ground Officer [plus other members of the Munro family]


Two in-depth articles concerning the excavation of Rinyo, Sourin.


A fascinating insight into Ernest Steel and his wife's stay in Rousay, from the pages of a diary he kept in 1952. They liked it so much they returned in the 1960s, and lived at Langstane. Many interesting photos will be included.


I will be re-doing Rousay in Newsprint too. Many more island stories from the columns of both The Orcadian and the Orkney Herald.


John Marwick [Rousay Roots] has transcribed 29 letters written between 1860-1880 by members of the Sinclair family, Swandale, to their relations who had emigrated to Australia and New Zealand. He is allowing me the reproduce them here - and they make for fascinating reading.


Plus many more photos of folk from the island's past - as well as some newer ones.


As usual, links to the latest additions will be posted on the home page. Many thanks for your interest.